A girl with big dreams, a heart seeking adventure with a bucket list of places I want to explore. I currently live in a small town in south Georgia – Thomasville, to be exact and it’s the cutest little town filled with the perfect mix of southern charm and class.

When I think about my own story, about how I got to this place, the Lord’s hand is seen through it all. When I was 13 He placed this desire in my heart to not only want to be in the moment, but to capture every moment. He gave me a longing to remember things and to use photos to tell stories. Flash forward a few years (okay, several) and those same desires and passions I had then are amplified even more as I have the joy of capturing these moments for you. My biggest hope is that with this gift, I honor Him in everything that I do.

I believe in the sanctity of marriage. I don’t take the weight and meaning of marriage lightly. I believe that vows are promises that last until eternity and the ceremony is by far my favorite part of a wedding day. I fully believe that marriage is representation of Jesus and his love for us and there is truly no better example of His grace and unwavering love.

I want to be the one in the background, capturing the way he looks at you and makes you laugh. I want to be more than a person you hired to just show up and take your pictures. I want to get to know you and your story. Whatever stage of life you’re in – a senior in high school, soon-to-be college grad, engaged and in love, or married for 25 years, you have a story to tell and I want to know that. I want us to have fun and create an environment that is relaxed, enjoyable, and carefree. I want you to leave your shoot refreshed, encouraged, and with an experience that you can remember forever.

Let’s forget about those Pinterest perfect photos and create something real, genuine, and most importantly, you. I’m here to help you forget the moments that aren’t important and focus on the ones that are. There truly aren’t many things that last a life time, but photos and your memories do so let’s prioritize that. Let’s celebrate your hopes and dreams.

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You see, I’m not about the posed, “fake laughs” and doing things “for the photos.” I believe the best memories are not staged and are certainly not perfect. The ones that take hold of your heart forever are the ones that didn’t exactly go as planned, but were a story to tell. I have an eye for the little things and want to be there, in the corner, camera in hand, as your mom brushes your hair out of your face, or when your dad looks at you with tear filled eyes before he gives you away to the man of your dreams.



I want to create REAL, authentic moments. I want to know you - to be your third wheel for a day, to cheer you on as you end one season of life and enter into another. I'm in your corner and want to create an environment for you that is comfortable. A time where you can let loose and be yourself - judgment free. That's when the magic happens.



First, I need you to be wiling. Be wiling to open up. Be willing to embrace a little of the awkwardness. Be willing to do crazy things. Be willing to go on an adventure. Be willing to love hard. I need you to say yes more, not second guess yourself, and trust me. If you can trust me and be willing to do the things above, our time together will be something worth remembering.

To my seniors, I'm going to ask you to do some things that feel pretty awkward sometimes. Just embrace it. Have fun. And I promise, there's NO judgment. We're going to have the best time. Let's celebrate this fun season of your life!

To my couples, let's make our time together meaningful and fun! Roll around in the grass, have a picnic, make out in the car, watch the sunset, hold each other tight, and let it just be you and your person (and me.. ;) ) for an hour or so. Let's make a moment that you're going to remember!

For your wedding, I need you to let go. Let go of the things that don't matter and focus on the things that do. The people I click with most are the ones who have a little free spirit in them. Don't be afraid to get your dress dirty and have a little wind in your hair. Don't get so caught up in the little things that won't last after the wedding day. Put all of your focus and energy in the few things that will: your love, your memories, and your photos.



Pacific Northwest / Oregon Coast

Washington / Mt. Rainier / Olympic National Park

California / Yosemite

Antelope Canyon / Horseshoe Bend





Alberta, Canada

Patagonia, Argentina



Morocco, Spain

Santorini, Greece


New Zealand


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