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I'm Miranda and fortunately, Sydney and I have no choice but to be best friends for life. Since we were younger, we would always create mini movies in the woods, music videos, and were always going on the random photoshoots around the house. The crazy thing about looking back on all of those memories over the years is to see that those hobbies and sibling arguments we used to have when we were 10 and 15 have developed into this business filled with a balance of honest opinions for each other's work and the closest partnership we could ever build.

In 2017, Sydney handed me this super advanced, rented camera that I'd never used before and told me all I had to do was stand behind her at this wedding and hold down the button. We looked back at the photos and actually saw that they weren't that bad and despite how chaotic the day was, I told her I'd go with her to the second wedding. Here we are, heading into our third year and some how the Lord has opened an opportunity for me to be able to capture these same moments through videography. 

Having the opportunity to share this passion with my sister and grow this business together has been one of the most pivotal seasons in my life. 

Often, I get asked what my favorite part about wedding videography is. Since capturing my first wedding, this answer has changed drastically by the development of relationships that I would have never imagined I'd have the chance to get to know.

I see wedding days through a different lens. I don't "just" want to be your videographer. I want to know you. I want to capture moments that are the most important so that you can remember your day for what it truly is.

Lets find time to reflect on who you both are together. Lets find time to reefelct on what your day truly means to you- in the midst of all the chaos or excitement or whatever emotion that it might bring. 

I'm ready! >

I don't "just" want to be your videographer. I want to know you.

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