There are some mornings where the light hits just right – this was one of those mornings. We witnessed a sunrise like I’ve never seen before and I got to do it with my bestie girl and her guy and it was so special.

Lexie and Stephen are kind, generous, caring, intentional, adventurous and two of the greatest people I know. They love others, and each other so well! I’ve never known one without the other and admire the teamwork they share together. Lex was my college roomie and a friend I always hoped to find. We have traveled the world together and now I can’t wait to see the adventurous that she and Stephen get to go on tougher. They get married in May and I may or may not already have tears for how sweet this weekend is going to be celebrating them.

We spend the morning in one of my favorite locations in Athens, Georgia celebrating their engagement. Luna even got in a few too!!

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