A rainy North Georgia wedding at The Cottages on Mergendollar 

My people my people!!! They’re married and it was truly the greatest day. There were soooo many things I loved about Jaclyn and Caleb’s day. It was intimate, special, relaxing, full of anticipation, joyful, and a union so worth celebrating. It rained non stop. literally poured. all day long except for the one hour we did bridal party pictures. and Jaclyn took every second of it with so much grace. I mean, it was meant to be since the beginning and must truly be a blessing form the Lord since it rained on their first date, the day they got engaged and the day we did their engagement pictures. Jaclyn hand picked each of her bridesmaid’s dresses specific to each person and the way they all came together was beautiful!

When I think back to how Jaclyn and Caleb met, I can’t help but think about how it was the most perfect timing. Jaclyn and I met our first year of college. We were in the same small group. She had never had a boyfriend at that time and for the next 3 years, we all joked that she would be the one to get married first. Somehow we just knew it, and somehow we were right.

They met on our first Sunday of senior year in a game we played in college bible study. Flash forward a couple of weeks, and Jaclyn was going on her first date ever with this really country boy named Caleb (if you know J, you know it’s only ironic that she’d end up with someone like Caleb). After that, the rest is history and here we are. They’ve been inseparable ever since and it’s been a joy to witness their story unfold.

This was a special day for me acting as both bridesmaid and photographer (thanks to the BEST 2nd shooter and assistant in the world!!). I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Surprisingly, it was rather easy. The thing I love so much about capturing my friend’s wedding days is that I know their story, I know who they are and what they’re comfortable with, and most importantly I know who is important and what moments I need to focus on the most. Those reasons alone are why I truly want to get to know my couples and who they are. Reasons for why I want to be more than  just a vendor, but a friend.

Thankful for friends like these. For days like this. and for being part of the most beautiful wedding day. I love you guys!


Venue: Cottages on Mergendollar | Bridesmaids Dresses: ASOS | Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal | Rings: P&A Jewelers | Flowers: JL Designs

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