This was such a sweet early morning filled with snuggles, love, and a whole lot of creativity with my good pals, Logan and Cody.These friends of mine are getting married in just a few weeks and I think of all the weddings I have next year, it’s definitely one that I am most looking forward to! The intentional details that Logan is putting in to their day is what makes me so excited to celebrate them. To see how the Lord has worked over the years in bringing them together truly reassures his sovereignty. I remember the first time I met Cody, I was visiting Logan in Statesboro. Within minutes, I could tell that he was undoubtably the one for her. He is loving and sweet. He calms her, encourages her ideas and dreams, and they compliment each other like I’ve never seen. January 4th, pleasseeee hurry!!!!! I can’t WAIT to eat pizza and smores!! 

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